Wednesday, September 23, 2015

To That Person

Being single has a lot of perks. I'll be the first to admit it. 

Naps? Daily. 
Traveling? Sounds great! When does the flight leave?
Dirty diapers? That's mom's job! I'll take play time.
New shoes? Sure, I've earned them! Now...should I get one pair or two?

But there are many irreplaceable things singles miss out on by being one instead of two.  Granted, not every couple has the kind of relationship I am about to describe.  But many do...I've witnessed it...and that's what I ultimately long for.

What I miss is "that person."  The person who is forever in your corner...on your team...the person who is rooting for you every day to have good experiences and be the best  you can be.  The first person you want to tell when you have a personal victory or a small disappointment.  The daily person.  The one you look forward to seeing.  The person who believes in you. And who thinks you're hot, even when you're not feeling your best.  The person who rejoices with you and agonizes with you.  You know...that one person.

I had a moment today where I wanted "that person" to talk to. So, since I don't know who he is yet,  I'll write it down now, just in case I forget.

Dear That Person,

Today in choir, the most amazing thing happened. I have a student who speaks very little English. As a result, she is very quiet in class.  She is also very tiny physically.  I doubt she breaks five feet.  Everyone in the class probably barely noticed her. Until today. We had our in-class performances and she got up and sang "Jar of Hearts" by Katy Perry. I had no idea what to expect and I was stunned.  The amount of sound that came from her small frame blew everyone away. The passion in her eyes was sincere. She was a true performer.  The entire class jumped to their feet with wild applause as she shyly finished and returned to her seat.  I almost cried.  I was overwhelmed by her personal triumph.  I was grateful for what she taught my class- not to judge someone based on their appearance or discount people because they are not like everyone else.  I felt so happy to be a teacher. I couldn't wait to share it with you! It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but I knew you'd think it was important. 

When I got to Language Arts class, however, I realized how many gaps I left in my teaching about argumentative essays. I haven't really set the kids up for success on the assignment they are working on now. I wish I could go back and start over, but it's a little too late for this particular unit.  I wish I prepared better, even though my prep time is so limited and always full of a million things for choir.  I hate disappointing the students, whether or not they realize I'm letting them down. ARG.  So this is the best job in the world. And it's also the most frustrating.

Thanks for listening...I needed that.

Your Person