Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Twas Two Days Before Christmas

'Twas two days before Christmas and we donned our holiday red...

...and we left plenty of kisses on our sweet Scotty's little head.  

We got into the Spirit of Christmas by making holiday "cones"...

This is actually called "crockpot crack" because it is so addicting. I was skeptical, but it really is hard to stop eating it!

...and learned holiday carols together in four part tones!

My dreams are coming true- my family is a little choir! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twas a few days before Christmas

Twas a few days before Christmas, with plenty of sweet foods to eat...

 ...when the HHS choirs went caroling for their social and came back for hot cocoa and treats!

Katie and Michelle exchanged their Christmas presents; now let's take a look...

 ...Michelle got ear warmers and a globe and I got an apron to help me cook!

Katie and her old roommates got together for a traditional "hot seat" dinner....

 ...after two years of not seeing each other, this 3 hour event at Goodwood was definitely a winner!

The sisters and I went to see the Nutcracker ballet with twirling and prancing...

...reminding me my biggest regret is that I'm not good at dancing.

On my car windshield one morning, I found this little surprise... friend Lane accusing me of being naughty, not nice! (But left a really nice card.)

There's nothing like getting together with former roommates, the dearest of friends...

...especially when they bring adorable children who I wish I lived closer to tend!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Twas the week before Christmas

Twas about a week before Christmas and only 4 days until break...

...when Katie finally learned how to make a legitimate snowflake.

The rad tights she had been keeping in her drawer for awhile...

...after 7 years finally came in to style!

The house was decorated in green and red...

...and cold Ms. Katie started wearing hats on her head. 

Little Ella Houston was nothing but grins...

...and she made cozy nests for herself and all her stuffed friends.

Scotty Pendleton's smile won the hearts of the ladies....

...and he was a stud in his scottie-dog bowtie, a gift of Aunty Katie's.  

The holiday concert went swell, thanks to all those who lent a helping hand...

...and the finale was the Hallelujah Chorus with parents, alumni, the orchestra, and band.

 Grandma Marva's annual Houston Christmas party was a blast but we missed our dad and mom... we sent them some pics, complete with photo bombs!

Stay tuned for the continuation...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh What Fun!

"On Every Lady's Wish List"

All I want for Christmas is YOU Scotty!

A Winter Version of a "Heart Attack"

Christmas Decor- Apartment Style

Elf on a Shelf :-)

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Scotty cheered on the Cougars for their last home game

I cheered on Scotty cheering on their Cougars for the last home game

Scotty took a nap (every two hours)

Anna won FIRST PLACE in Dance Sport in the 280 triple swing division against at least 100 other couples

Scotty was cute

Scotty was darling
I busted out the hat Christina crocheted for me last winter

Scotty was priceless
Scotty relaxed
Scotty loved his minky blankies
Scotty was charming
Scotty celebrated his first Thanksgiving
Mom, Dad, Anna and I celebrated Thanksgiving together (table decor compliments of my mother dearest)

Mom and dad were in charge of the turkey, gravy, and stuffing.
Anna was in charge of the delicious pies- gluten free pumpkin and French silk chocolate

I was in charge of the pineapple/banana/raspberry jello and the mashed potatoes (as per usual)

Scotty celebrated with his family in Kaysville
I loved Scotty from the top of my head to the tips of my toes

We did a little post black Friday shopping

Scott was a stud

Scott modeled the booties crocheted by his mom

Scott stole our hearts

Scott made this face and melted my face off

My darling, delightful niece saw "Frozen" and (REALLY) enjoyed mint 'n chip ice-cream.  I can't WAIT to hang out with this little one in a few weeks!  She is hysterical.  My favorite moments are when I get texts from Joe and Shana with the latest thing she has said.  I could be biased, but she is REALLY clever!!