Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Lovely Weather...

We kicked off the morning after our sleepover with beautifying Dave's car.

Partners in crime!
Upon discovery...

Anna is an old pro at car window painting and had some creative ideas!

Like this, for example.  Okay, if I have to be referred to as the pretty girl in the passenger seat, I guess it's okay...
We then headed to Cracker Barrel for a lovely breakfast.
Next up was ice-skating for $5! What a deal!

Anna hadn't been in many years and by the end she was skating like a pro!
Others of us had a couple issues here and there.
Notice a certain cousin creeping in the photo...

Said creeper happens to be quite graceful!

Our next destination was sledding.  Neither Anna or I had ever been!


There are some natural consequences to not wearing waterproof mascara when you get blasted in the face by snow! (And no, she wasn't crying, I promise!)
AFTER! Thanks, Dave, for taking one for the team and sitting in front!

Part of the deal is climbing back up the hill again!
Better prepared for round two...

Don't worry, Anna had another layer of clothing on under all of these wet ones.
Our last stop was to visit the Munchies, who ALWAYS entertain us!
I sure do love these little guys!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Donald, Telly, Kathy, and Susan Christmas!

Here is my dad, displaying his "waiting hands" (nod to Ella) while he waits his turn to open his stocking!
For my mom and dad, we're getting all our home videos transferred to DVD.
Anna and I got a winner for our dad, which is not easy to do! He liked this fleece shirt so much that he wanted another one in a different color!
My dad liked to tease me because one year when I was little, I opened a pair of overalls I really wanted and went running around the room with them on my head out of sheer delight.  So here is my dad with his "Scouting Companion" book on his head.

Syrup to accompany my gluten free pancake mix!
Sassy vest from the store where Tina works
SO stoked about my new bathrobe from Sue Sue!
My parents truly surprised Anna, the secretary of the ukulele club in high school, with her very own uke for Christmas!
My favorite Christmas gift...the Anne of Green Gables box set!
Later, Davey and I opened our gifts from one another!

A belt! I'm super original!
Dave overwhelmed me with a box full of sweet, thoughtful gifts.
We continued our Christmas day movie tradition with Les Miserables. We had to buy tickets in Payson to avoid sitting on the front row! Seeing this movie was one of my biggest Christmas wishes.
There were so many things about the movie that impressed me.  It was realistic and raw and there were some excellent vocals.  It was a little long for me, which is embarrassing to admit, but I really have a hard time focusing for that long, even on something I LOVE. 
The next morning, we hit the stores early for some...

This was the best deal of my life.  I went to the register to buy my things and these black pants for work rang up as $0.01.  One cent! Are you kidding me? I laughed and said to the guy, "I'm sure those aren't really one cent."  He informed me that if they rang up that way, that's what they were. They came as surplus from the online store or something like that.  I don't get it but I felt like it was Christmas morning all over again!

That night, my dad whisked my mom away for an anniversary trip to the same place they stayed during their honeymoon 34 years ago!  I took Anna up to my house and Keiana came over for a sleepover.
These fav cousins got mistaken for sisters at dinner, which didn't surprise me a bit! Funny story: we bought Keiana a scarf for Christmas and had it wrapped to give to her. When she showed up to our house, she was wearing the EXACT same scarf that was in the box ready for her to open! Same store, same color.  We were shocked.  We let Keiana pick something else out while we were shopping that night 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas

Having our Christmas in Utah is a different experience for us, but it has been positively lovely.   I have enjoyed it so much.  It's fun to experience a "White Christmas" for the first time in years.

 Lights at Temple Square

On December 15th, my parents celebrated 34 years of marriage.  Here they are standing in front of the place where they were wed!

I just had to feature Anna's sassy Christmas shoes here in the visitor's center!

Christmas Eve Day Shopping
On Christmas Eve morning, Anna and I headed out to get our parents' stocking stuffers. We decided to do theirs this year and they did ours.  It was a marathon but soooo fun.
This very patient (and attractive) man went with us to "Sexy Modest" and hung on to my scarf for me.
Christmas Eve

We had our traditional Christmas Eve meal of ham, potatoes, creamed carrots, and jello. 

Our mom LOVES pajamas.  In our shopping adventures, Anna and I found the perfect top and bottom set!

Continuing our tradition of each reading a favorite Christmas story...
...and our holiday tradition of doing a puzzle!

My dad and I continue to be the most loyal puzzlers in the family.