Monday, November 29, 2010

Flattery will get you no where.

I love all my students. I truly do. I can say that with no hesitation or reservation.

There are a few students, however, that make it very difficult for me to like them. That I can also say without any hesitation or reservation.

One such student said to me today, out of the clear blue sky and for no apparent reason, "Teacher, you look weird."

First of all, I have tried and tired (and tried) to break him of the habit of calling me teacher. There isn't an excuse for it. He has known me for months now. Some kids call me teacher due to a cultural difference which I let slide with much more love and tolerance. But not with this student. I think he does it on purpose at this point.

Second of all, I just can't figure out on what planet he was raised and what I ever did wrong to make him think that saying something like to a teacher would be appropriate.

I gave him the death stare for about 5 full seconds before I decided to ignore the comment and move on. That decision was made, of course, because he wanted me to make a big deal about what he said. Figuratively grabbing his ear and yanking him by it out the door would have been the wrong approach, however satisfying it would have felt in the moment.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fairytales come true...

That's the best word I can use to describe Kate's wedding: a fairytale. It was absolutely breathtaking from beginning to end, and Kate truly looked like a fairytale princess!

At the hotel, Kate and Darren had a surprise for us! We got sparkling lemonade and sea salt chips and chocolate. It was such a fun treat to share as bridesmaids that evening.

Katie and Shelley (above) were roommates with Kate during sophomore, junior, and senior year. I was roommates with the three of them during senior year before we left on missions. When I got home, Kate and I had the chance to live together again (with Tessa and Melissa, below) when we both started teaching school. What a wonderful friendship we have all shared! I feel so blessed.

Kate was walking on sunshine when we first saw her after arriving in Huntington Beach. It was so fun to see!

Kate and Darren gave the bridal party thoughtful gifts. The brdiesmaids got gorgeous necklaces with a pearl pendant. They were beautiful with the dresses Kate chose.

We had a petal stuffing party in our hotel room after the groom's dinner (complete with the treats we got upon arriving at the hotel). Guests threw rose petals on Kate and Darren as they exited the reception. Isn't that a great idea? Kate, you're amazing!

I am still in shock at how beautiful and perfect the day was in late November! It was better than if they had picked a summer date. It was cool but not cold enough for a jacket. The sun was shining and it was beautiful!

Kate and Darren were married and sealed in the Newport Beach Temple. The spirit there was so sweet. Kate and Darren love each other so much and work hard to serve each other. They both come from amazing, loving families. They are building their life on such a strong foundation. I can't wait to see what the future holds for their new little family!

Kate's dress was breathtaking.

Expecting sisters and bridesmaids :-).

We switched to up-dos for fun at the evening reception!

Above was my favorite appetizer, hands down!

It was so fun to have my family at the reception!

Every table was named after a different author and a love quote by that author was sitting at each place. So classy, and so Kate!

One of my friends (I can't remember which!) pointed out that the cake matched Kate's dress with the larger flowers coming down the front. Every detail of the wedding was incredible. It was postively exquisite!

The hot chocolate station after dinner was BRILLIANT! Milk and semi sweet chocolate shavings, marshmallows, white chocolate spoons, whipped cream...the perfect treat for a November wedding.

Look at these cute couples! My mom and dad lasted fairly long in the anniversary dance with their 32 years of marriage. But they were beat out by Darren's parents, who have been married 45 years! Christina and Jer tore up the dance floor with LEGIT dancing. It was so fun to watch!

And, for the grand finale...