Monday, May 31, 2010

England: Day 1

Ten reasons I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore:

1) Bolder way of labeling restrooms

2) Different name for elevators

3) Hipper taxi cabs

4) Wordier yield signs

5) Pounds instead of dollars

6) Unique menu items

7) Shorter doorways

8) A different kind of dollar store

9) Skinnier "crossing the street" men

10) A new driver's side (and side of the road!)

But let's start at the beginning. My parents and Anna flew to London via Houston from California and I flew to London via Chicago from Utah. We met up at the car rental place and off we went!

For lunch, we went to a darling little spot called Hufkins. It was located in Burford, Cotswolds, a part of rural, old-town England. We had hot chocolate and tea and Anna ordered cute little egg salad sandwiches. We truly felt like we were getting the "experience," especially with the authentic accent of our cheery British waitress.

While there, I noticed something on the menu called, "Old Spot Bangers and Hash." When the waitress came around, we had the following conversation:

Me: What is Old Spot Bangers and Hash?
Waitress: Well, the bangers and hash is just bangers and hash and the old spot is referring to [...]
Me: No but what IS bangers and hash?
Waitress: Oh! It's just ground up sausage in a sauce with onions.
Me: Ohhhh, got it.

Here are some pictures we took around the absolutely exquisite little town:

I combined the pictures from all four of our cameras to get the widest selection possible for this post. Doing this gives me a good idea of what stands out to each of us when we visit new places:

Dad's favorite sights:

Shingled roofs,

cool cars,


and stone walls.

Mom's favorite sights:



and flowers.

Katie's favorite sights:

Words that speak to her soul,

cobblestone (reminds her of Brazil!),

and all the little quirky pictures listed above on the top ten list.

Anna's favorite sights:

Blackmail pictures of her sister,



and pastries.

I'm the luckiest girl on earth...this is already proving to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Stay tuned for more European adventures!